About Us

Complimentary Evaluation

We start with a complimentary evaluation of your items.
We offer Estate Sale services (both public and private), which includes appraisals of your higher end items, auction placement and internet services. We specialize in Antiques & Collectibles and New Contemporary Quality and Mid-Century Modern Households. We are able to find those hidden treasures, many thought to have no value at all.

We are dedicated to obtaining the maximum dollar value for all your items.

These strategies help to place your valuables in the market they deserve. Our extensive knowledge in the fields of Antiques, Collectibles and Households to assure you the best possible proceeds for your possessions. We are committed to providing you with professional services to protect your interests and facilitate an expedient liquidation.

GuaranteeOur house sales are organized and conducted with professionalism.
We categorize, stage, clean, appraise, price and display items attractively to maximize sales. We offer presale and post sale clean out services. We do extensive advertising, internet, local newspapers, signage and to an extensive email list of 4000+ of our private buyers. We recognize our client’s needs for confidentiality and prompt service due to time constraints. Our goal is to give you peace of mind. After the sale, if needed, we offer total cleanout services and leave your premises broom sweep and ready to go!

Our Commitments to You:
  • To obtain the maximum dollar value each item in your estate deserves.
  • To discover any hidden value in items thought to have little or no value.
  • To provide clients with a professional estate sales service.
  • To follow through on our pledge to act ethically and protect our clients interests.
  • To provide a smooth house clearing transition and solve the problems of how to organize, market and sell personal property.
Feel free to call 407-951-4636, or email us info@brendlesestatesales.com with your specific needs and we will set up an appointment for a free consultation.